It continues being loved for 25 years 
and is the proof of reliance,and track record.
A main part is three ply structure of steel. It excels in durability and the the material suitable for each cookware is selected carefully. The merit can be realized , so that it continues using.
A material uses properly and uses stainless steel, the three ply structure of iron core, and the three ply structure of aluminum core.
A pan, a kettle, a frying pan, tec. choose the optimal thing for each, and the product whichi employed the feature of material in maximum efficiently is made.

Simple Design is The Best!
If does not attach but is made a form by necessary minimum. it will very became easy to use. It is very glad as the tool which, and is easy to wash or is used every day [that it is easy to have].

Long-run products which continue from 1982.
It answers to all needs by the abundant items exceeding 100.

As the result of considering "the products which is more easy to use" and having made a visitor's opinion reflect, wide variation-ization which has a function accoring to various dishes and size is realized.

Material explanation

About Rust and Stainless steel
The goodness increases to the iron pan by the increase of the thickness because it excels in the conduction of heat, and thermal storage is also high.  Moreover, it is possible to use it also for the electromagnetic cooker. However, going out of rust and heavy are the difficult points. The solution of this rust is a stainless steel.
The stainless steelis an alloy that the companion of iron can be originally added chrome and the nickel, etc. to iron and done.
As for "18-8 stainless steels", the nickel of 8% will be included with chrome of 18%. In a word, when these were added, iron is "metal which cannot rust easily" = It was born to stainless steel again.

It is covered with oxide film thin the surface and strong. and this is a secret of rust hard. This oxide film is very thin.
Although it is not visible, it is remarkable material, and if it remains unmoved but is made for air to touch the portion directly, and oxidize film will be again born on the crack with just for a moment.
Even such stainless steel may rust.
It will generate, if it is placed while salt, iron, etc. had been attached together with moisture, when it said at what kind of time it would rust.
This is the [tip rust] said commonly, and rust was not necessarily generated from the stainless steel itself, and it is generated with an adhesion thing.
For example, when having put the hairpin on the stainless bathtub and having put
on the sink stand, got steel wool mesh wet etc.
If I have this tip rust polished with cleanser with detailed particle, it will fall finely.
It is O.K. only by washing out salt, iron, water dirt, etc. and making it dry as a method of preventing.

Stainless steel, three ply structure steel of iron core and three play structure steel of aluminum core.
Although stainless steel is strong and it is hard to rust and it is burned easily.
Change of speaking, it has keeping-warm nature is good, but it is embarrassed to burn easily.
Then, the iron which was excellent in heat conduction between staainless steel was made sandwiches, and the three ply structure steel of iron core was made.
Iron, stainless steel, and each other difficulty are covered, it suits, and the three ply structure steel of iron core has both of strong points.
Especially on cooking, a stew dish can do heat deliciously the surroundings uniformly.
The thing whose cooking cannot cool easily is also a delightful thing.
Moreover, you can use electromagnetism cooker also for cooking and can enjoy cooking safely finely.
It will become very heay, although it will further be hard coming to burn if the iron inserted between the three ply structure steel of iron core is thickened.
Then, stop the thickness of OBJET by 1mm, It enbales it to use simply and conveniently. The way which cannot burn as easily as possible tends to use stir-fried dishes, pottery, etc.
Then, it was lighter than iron, and excelled also in heat conduction further, and the metal aluminum not rusting was made sandwiches by stainless steel.
This is the material which called it the three ply structure steel of aluminum cores, covered soft aluminum by strong stainless steel, and had the place where both are good too.
Aluminum increases a part lighter than iron and thickness, and it was made for heat to be transmitted more mildly.
The gourmet series of an OBJET --- the three ply structure steel of this aluminum core---isomg ---"---it has been hard coming to get burned. Moreover, since outside of pot is made from magnetism stainless steel (it adheres to magnet), it can use electromagnetism cooker also for and induction heating.

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